Custom Golf Ball Sleeves

Custom Golf Ball Sleeves by Pioneer Press allows you to create your own. Specially designed for people who would like to make a memorable impression , we allow you to to add your own images, logo, and anything else. You can also modify any of the text. YOu can use them for sponsored tournaments, corporate giveaways, business or personal gifts, and even brand yourself better

For our customers who would like to make a memorable impression, we offer custom printed golf ball sleeves.

Instead of using a standard golf sleeve template, we decided to create our own. This way you can decide on the images, add your own logo, modify the text, & anything else. This is a fully customizable product which is delivered to you exactly how you specify it.

Custom Golf Ball Sleeves Are Great For:

  • Sponsored tournaments
  • Corporate giveaways
  • Business or personal gifts
  • Brand recognition
  • Add to your collection of schwag
  • New product promotions
  • Sales and incentive offers

To learn more about purchasing your own custom printed golf sleeves, give us a call. We can help you with each step of the way, from design to delivery. 1.800.704.7747

To download our custom golf ball sleeves template with instructions, click here.